About Me

Hey, I'm Jo ann

I am a wife, mother, a faithful woman of God and I love serving others!

I love helping others achieve their maximum wellness through education and helping to provide solutions which they initiate to improve their health outcome.  

I want for you to become the healer in your home by providing valuable information and steps your family can incorporate to improve in their wellness journey. 

Even as a health care provider, I suffered many years while using conventional medicine for treatment .  It wasn't until I began utilizing a more  natural approach towards wellness and not disease that I  began to see improvements.
My husband who is a medical doctor, expressed his concern with me relying on so many  medicines to treat my respiratory distress without lasting improvements.
He had been researching natural solutions and desires to help me on my journey. He suggested I try natural approaches that would not only address symptoms but the root causes of my respiratory seasonal flair ups. 

I began using the Essential oils he recommended and life was dramatically changed!  
The quality of my life was profoundly better, I can now address potential flare ups at the onset and with lifestyle adjustments have eliminated many of the risks!

Our bodies have an amazing ability to begin healing themselves when given the right information which leads to making the best choices for wellness.
Your health is a gift! Let's clean up health!

I've been using essential oils for years and can't imagine my life without them. Doterra essential oils and supplements have provided solutions for our family's health challenges in areas of rest , stress, immune support and toxic overload. 
I know they'll have in impact in your life and can't wait for you to try them!
"If any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oils in the name of the Lord." 
                                                          James 5:14

A Few of My Favorite Things

In my own health journey over the years, I've come to appreciate the value of natural solutions for me and my family. The more we can do that is both good for the earth and good for our bodies, the better! 

I would love to teach you more about how to use one of my favorite natural solutions, essential oils, to feel better and live well.

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